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    Parafínová lázeň BC01

    141.00  with tax

    Ahead of shedule we sold out all out stock of this our popular product BODY COMFORT BC 01, but new production is already under procedure, even with some delay. New delivery is planned for October 2021, about what we will inform you also at this place in right time. By this opportunity we have to inform you about price increasing of this product with new production. Thanks for your kind understanding and support.

    Účinná pomoc při revma !
    Účinná úleva při bolestech kloubů !
    Bez jakýchkoli lékú nebo negativních vedlejších učinků !
    Zabezpečí hedvábní pokožku !
    3 kilograms of non-allergenic medically approved low melting point paraffin wax BC 02 in price included !

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